Essay on River Water Pollution in India (with statistics)

The Central Ganga Authority was formed for its implementation in and Ganga Action Plan was then launched to make the Ganga pollution free. Here you can publish amjor research papers, essays, letters, stories, poetries, biographies, notes, reviews, advises and allied information with a single vision to liberate knowledge. Ecologists also think that the condition of the ecology has deteriorated during the operation of Ganga Action Plan.

But the truth is otherwise. It forms the natural frontier of India proper, dividing it from Afghanistan and the Rivdrs tribes and Baluchistan. The old count it a privilege to die there, that their ashes may be carried away by the holy river.

The 17 big drains bringing all filth of Delhi join Jamuna. It is the most famous river. After the confluence essay on major rivers of india these two mighty rivers an extensive delta has been formed. Throwing dirty water, throwing flowers after worship, washing filthy clothes, throwing of hair, rowdyism, doing vulgar activities, throwing of dirty clothes etc.

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Yamuna Essaay Plan was sanctioned in April to keep Yamuna clean. Maximum domestic waste mixes in Ganga in West Bengal. Thus, on an average, among the pollutants mixing in Ganga, 80 per cent is domestic waste and 20 per cent is industrial waste.


Essay on major rivers of india originates from mjor glacier called Gadgetry at Gomulka in the Himalayas. It is the’ largest river of the south India with a length of about kms. The many sources of the Ganga flow south and east from melting glaciers in these highlands, collecting into the great trunk stream that flows due east before bending slightly southward into the Bay of Bengal.

Construction of community latrines in cities located on the banks of river Ganga so that most of the sewage can be controlled at the source itself.

It is another important river of India. Increase in concentration of nutritive elements is a favourable activity for fssay of plants due to which maximum growth takes place in algae and phytoplankton.

It has five tributaries, three of which originate in the Indian region of the Himalayas and flow through the Indian territory before joining Sindhu in Pakistan. There are seven major rivers in India along with their tributaries.

It joins with Brahmaputra in the lower.

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Paradeep Port is situated on the mouth of this river. River water continues esay and does not remain in any river for more than two weeks whereas, water of lakes remains there for years. Crop lands leak pesticides and excess fertilizers into the rivers 1.


After starting from Yamunotri, it travels kms and joins river Ganga near Allahabad.

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Thereafter, these two streams combine and bear the name “The Ganga”. Drop files here or. Its delta begins from the city of Vijayawada. To keep all these rivers free from pollution, various schemes are being executed with the assistance from many countries.

Up to the yearschemes had been completed. Since the first phase of the Ganga Action Plan could not prove effective, the Government of India started the second phase of the Action Plan in the year It has its own significance in the hearts of Indian People. It is trying to ihdia and check the pollution of the Ganga.

The principle west flowing rivers of India are Ganga and Tapi. One such project is river water linking or National Water Grid.