Last year chief minister of Bihar Mr. The main aim of the dam is to store water at a place which otherwise would have been lost making it possible for generation of electricity, irrigation, water supply to cities etc. Interstate River Water Disputes Act.

However, this rain is not uniform in time or geography. Water is needed for the cultivation of winter crops Rabi.

It has created growing number of conflicts across the states and to the whole country on water sharing issues. Retrieved 15 October The gravity dams depend mainly on their own weight to remain stable. Earth and rock fill dams, dykes are the common water storage structures.

At present there is low essay on water resources in india per capita supply, inefficient distribution, high leakage and ill-managed systems. This is resiurces about 8. Inddia is acute scarcity of water in some are as in summer. The primary source of water on the earth is precipitation that comes in the form of rain and snowfall. About 80 per cent of the country’s rainfall occurs in four months i. How to solve Venn Diagrams in LR? The subject of water management is a matter of urgent attention and is conducted by at least nine agencies as shown above.

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Dam is an artificial barrier constructed across water stream to wafer water to a certain depth. Flood occurs when soil and the vegetation over it cannot absorb all the available water. While air can be accounted for globally, water is national. The report admits unavoidable uncertainties in these estimates.


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Brief Notes on Water Resources of India

Houses are washed off, domestic animals and human beings meet their death and crops are severely damaged by floods.

The total flow of all rivers of India is about 6 per cent of the discharge of all essay on water resources in india in the world. There are lot of places, where the quality of groundwater is not good. Agriculture sector is the major user of water. It is less than 20 cm in the part of the Thar Desert, more than cm in eastern India and western coastal tracts of the peninsular waterr and watr 50 and cm in the rest of India. According to the UN estimates, total amount of water on earth is about million cubic kilometers M km 3 which is enough to cover the earth with a layer of meters m depth.


It is clear from the data on water use in our country that waste water is the highest essay on water resources in india thermal power followed by irrigation run off.

Retrieved 7 December The peninsular part of the India is not well-placed as far as ground water resources are concerned. Land irrigated with saline or alkaline water becomes gradually in to saline or alkali soils. The water dispute between India and Bangladesh over Farakka dam issue and water essay on water resources in india between India and Pakistan over Ravi-Sutlej dam issue are important examples. In rural sector, progress in water supply has been very slow.

Before preserving your articles on this site, please read the following pages: India is a land of rivers. The second largest river basin is that of the Godavari.