Potential Guest Editor s who would like to propose a Special Issue for Atmospheric Environment are invited to prepare a proposal as outlined below and then contact the Publishing Content Specialist, Wendy Ye at w. Proposals for a professional paper should be a maximum of words excluding the reference list.

When you state the types of sources propodal will be using, include how these sources will strengthen your paper. It is How to submit a research paper proposal a question. However, the proposer should aim to ensure that symposium title reflects the idea, that all the articles are going to be addressing and avoid simply saying that “article A will discuss X Hence, arguments structured around propositions or hypotheses, or formatting it like a standard empirical article is generally not what we are seeking.

Submission Guidelines for Specific Types of Proposals. Will you include opposing views and comparing and contrasting them to your views?

Proposal Guidelines

Abide by all of the APA format guidelines for the reference page. To accept and provide jow professional review that can be accepted confidentially.

Give proper credit for intellectual property: How are you going to communicate your idea: Professors like to see a balanced approach to selecting types of sources for your paper. Tentative List of References: This is an essential item. As guest editor, you are also welcome proposall invite review article s.


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Does the proposal demonstrate an appropriate knowledge of the literature? They need to prepare a word rationale for the panel proposal and a word panel description for the conference program. Do not put any sources in your references that you have not used in your paper. This allows the editorial team to provide author s with information that facilitates the review process, while allowing us to be proactive in working with authors.

Submit Your Research Paper online. Guidelines For Panel Proposal Submission

This is not meant to be answered vaguely – e. If you can’t find sufficient sources you may have how to submit a research paper proposal rethink your subject. The journal seeks to publish focused, coherent thematic volumes that will be of lasting use to the community, well cited, and of the highest quality. Proposals should be no longer than 5 pages single-spaced with standard 1-inch margins and in a point font.

Hence, structuring your argument around propositions or hypotheses, or formatting a standard empirical article is generally not what we are seeking. General Submission Process for all Proposals.

researcg Some high end general audience publications such as Scientific American, or PC Computing can be used. You can find more information on the role of Elsevier GEs here. To seek, accept, and offer honest criticism of scientific work, to acknowledge and correct errors, and to credit properly the contributions of others; Be fair and take action not to discriminate: Special Issue title how to submit a research paper proposal order of Guest Editor s names, titles, affiliations and contact information.


List of proposed paper titles, with authors and abstracts. Submit Paoer How to submit a research paper proposal Enter your login details below. This may involve the GE giving practical advice and guidance to the Author on what types of papers will be in or out of scope.

Order Journal Personal subscription Institutional subscription. Note that there are three parts to this. Research proposals will be evaluated based on the following: