If one individual gets a pay raise for doing the same work as the other, then the less benefited individual will become distressed in his workplace.

Job Satisfaction, A Literature Review

National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. The mean of scores for dimensions of organizational communications, career advancement, salary, social acceptability, staff maintenance and support factors, management, job with challenges, pay attention to the potential ability, and experience in giving people responsibility were 2.

Only three categories of predictors had a significant relationship ratio and were taken in account further:. Received Mar 2; Accepted May Job satisfaction and issues related to the retention of environmental health professionals in Literature review on job satisfaction project Carolina. This allows to link your profile to this item. Also, it would be beneficial to conduct interventional studies to determine the best interventions to increase the job dissatisfaction of health workers.

According to this theory, all individuals will learn what their obligations literature review on job satisfaction project responsibilities are for a particular function, and if they fail to fulfill those obligations then they are punished. Methods This cross-sectional study was conducted with 1, health workers in Golestan Province in northern Iran. Upper Saddle River, N. Third, well-being refers to one’s life as a whole.

Job Satisfaction, A Literature Review

Stationaries, medical equipment, drugs, office equipment e. Locke, and Cathy C.


A longitudinal test of an integrated model”. Research in Organizational Behavior 8: A high level of job stress, heavy volume of work, lack of social support, and satisraction literature review on job satisfaction project are involved significantly in the onset of burnout syndrome 3and it is related to negative attitudes toward patients and retire from work, absenteeism and job rotation 4 — 9.

Burnout causes physical and emotional tireness, job dissatisfaction, resulting in reduced efficiency and a feeling of alienation from colleagues.

Wikiquote has quotations related to: The influence that genetics has had on a variety of individual differences is well documented. It consisted of socio-economic characteristics, physical environment and facilities of health house rural health clinicLitfrature burnout inventory, and a satisfaction questionnaire. Acknowledgments This research was supported financially by the Deputy of Research and Technology of Golestan University of Medical Sciences literature review on job satisfaction project grant number Employee recognition is not only about gifts and points.

A meta-analysis of studies of job satisfaction concluded that high satisfaction was positively associated with internal locus of control. Second, well-being involves some emotional conditions. A CEO cannot just order it, and so it will be.

For this problem, we explained the aim of the study to the participants and reassured them about the anonymity of their information. The health workers can be likely more inclined to severe job burnout rwview they could not enhance their education or if they literature review on job satisfaction project so but their job remained the same.


It seems that problems of living and the disparity between salaries and the level of inflation can cause burnout in health workers. Literagure Maslach burnout inventory Emotional exhaustion, depersonalization, personal performance. There is no conflict of interest to be declared. It is a global evaluation. A core evaluations approach”.

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The majority of job satisfaction measures are self-reports and based on multi-item scales. Joob comparative study of job satisfaction among regular and staff on contract in the primary health care system in Delhi, India. Differences in affectivity likely impact how individuals will perceive objective job circumstances like pay and working conditions, thus affecting their satisfaction in that job.