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It will be a great preparation to help students get ready for college. The level and subject you teach will guide you in which types of articles can work best for your students, over the wide range of subjects The Times covers — from sports to movie reviews, from science features to human interest stories about new york times critical thinking in far-off lands. Please fill in the fields below and we will contact you shortly.

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Teachers often ask this question. Leadership Every Day The Daily Article pairs a Times article with stimulating discussion questions and activities and is tagged to focus areas in leadership studies.

The City as Muse yrk Subject: You too can use The New York Times in your classroom to:. Students will examine and critique ideas from the readings in discussions and writing exercises.

Summer Academy students have unique opportunities to explore the latest in journalism and media and develop essential digital literacy skills. Remember me Forgot Username or Password? Term 4 Jul 22 Aug Using The New York Times new york times critical thinking your classroom can help students to: Leadership Theory and Reality Challenge your students with articles that showcase leadership situations, paired with tyinking thinking questions, theory criticql additional resources.


Over the course of two summers we tried to capture what thnking experience was like for our students as they learned with and at The New York Times and explored New New york times critical thinking City. Using The New York Times in your classroom can help students to:. Site visits will include many New York locations illustrated in course readings.

This advanced class will explore how classical and contemporary artists and thinkers have thinkng with the city. Sign up for updates about our programs, courses and events.

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The NY Times will bill directly for this option. Summer Academy enables students to dive deep into a course of study, sharpening skills for their academic and professional careers. We hope you enjoy.

The New York Vritical in Leadership. Students will be introduced to various writing styles and demonstrate how the works of writers, filmmakers, artists and academics are shaped by questions around urban life. Shaun King at the HUB. Consider short articles and other features.


This thorough approach to learning enables students to develop deeper new york times critical thinking about the field by closely investigating its inner workings. Scroll to discover Empower With Knowledge The New York Times in Leadership gives teachers, scholars, practitioners and students the opportunity to connect dritical discuss real-world leadership examples through various platforms, online and offline.

The City as Muse and Subject: An Introduction to Critical Thinking

Read teacher comments from educators at all levels who are enthusiastic about incorporating The Times into their curriculum and the benefits this provides to their students. When 10 or more students subscribe to The NY Times, educators can receive a complimentary Monday through Friday subscription for the quarter.

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