Since the score range was calculated separately for each question and items and related data, the score range of each question was different from another one. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC.

Coordination was made with the education organization to implement the study. Email Us Listen to our radio ad!

Study variables Regarding the first research question drut investigation of the first hypothesis, the independent variable is a history of alcohol abuse earlier in life. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Sarami AA, Naderi H. Drug Abuse Stud Q. Therefore, the following anonymous questionnaire which will be kept confidential is delivered to you. A researcher-made questionnaire was developed to determine knowledge, attitude, and practice of high school students regarding addictive drugs and their associated bause.

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In question 2 of attitude section, the score of 10 reflected the strongest attitude and the score of 14 reflected the weakest attitude. Want to download this paper right now, immediately? Hypotheses The hypothesis for question one is that older adults who abused alcohol when they were younger are more likely to abuse alcohol after druh age of 65 years.

Based on the importance of each factor, please score from 1 to 5.

To determine the peoposal nature of drug abuse in the province, we needed a local tool to gather the required data. To determine the sample size in high schools, a list containing names of all high schools was prepared.


Therefore, the current study was conducted to develop a questionnaire to assess sugstance status of drug abuse among high school students of Isfahan Province, Iran. Experienced personnel of the education organization and Health Centers of the cities were recruited to help collect data in a 1-day workshop research proposal on drug and substance abuse the method of collecting data and determining the sample size.

Mean of these scores was calculated for each factor.

All of those problems involve aspects or combinations of behavioral, physiological,…. Therefore, a research-made questionnaire was designed.

Status of drug abuse among students and merging self-control factor with EPPM model. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Besides these training workshops, a guideline was issued to the interviewers to unify the data collection. Control variables for the present study are alcohol abuse experienced previously in life substajce variablethe degree of alcohol used at a younger age interval variabletreatment resexrch for alcoholism nominal variablelevel of education ordinal variablepast research proposal on drug and substance abuse behavior ordinal variablepresence of proposao spouse or marriage nominal variablesingle… [END OF PREVIEW].

Buy the Full, Page Paper: Questionnaire of evaluating knowledge, attitude, and practice of research proposal on drug and substance abuse school students regarding drug abuse and some related factors in urban and rural areas of Isfahan province in Studies show that there is relationship between drug abuse and psychological disorders, escape from home, aggressiveness and violence, theft, delinquency, academic failure and reluctance to study, suicide, etc.


A 1-day workshop for 6 h was held to ascertain meticulous questioning by the observers.

In this guideline, it was explained why filling out the questionnaire carefully and completely, and avoiding unanswered questions and emphasizing confidentiality of the information were important. Issues to be Addressed by a Nurse Practitioner in Primary Care Settings Young adulthood can be a turbulent period in many people’s lives when new….

To achieve an equal approach in data collection and control of confounding variables by the interviewers, a uniform training workshop was held for 8 h in 1-day. Through this questionnaire respondents will be asked questions regarding current behaviors as they relate to guidelines and diagnostic criteria for alcoholism.

High school student population of each city in cities and villages were determined and the proportion of students each city to the whole province was determined. What are some intervention…. Another study conducted by Bobo research proposal on drug and substance abuse al.