And to boot that these items could have cause the MLB to die I have had this happen before, and I wonder if it was because the machines were covered under AppleCare that they choose to do this. Gasoline with ethanol can harm your power …. Diagnosis graphics failure confirmed, Apple repair approved free of charge. Soon afterward it froze with scrambled video. Strange enough, when I tried again a couple of days later, it started working again as if nothing was wrong. Instead of repairing year old computers that can easily be mended, they try to push people to buy a new one!

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Left for about 2 hours, got good and hot. So I am learning the s link sl u45 usb to ethernet of being stuck with Apple. I s link sl u45 usb to ethernet what the tech needed to see and she indicated it simply needed to boot for the test to work – we needed to hear it chime after a power-up. It was a Saturday mid afternoon their busiest and I explained the issue in minute detail. The knowledgeable genius went directly to the test via an external drive.

Num lock and caps lock light up, Sound buttons will click up and down, Keyboard will light, Visible to other computers on network. They would not acknowledge there was a problem with the GPU and sent s link sl u45 usb to ethernet off for a depot repair which is now going to cost me some money to get fixed.

Finding your page was comforting–I didn’t know so many people were dealing with the same issue. So the test was introduced to minimize the scope. I have a 15in MacBook Pro that I brought in DecemberI let my Niece use it for her college work, about a week ago she called and said the screen won’t come on.

Time Machine thinks your machine is now a different box, and refuses to recognize previous backups. Screen shared into it and it was up and running fine, system profiler only showed the built-in Intel graphics, no sign of the Nvidia. Below are replies to the original request for feedback on repairs, later first.

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I can imagine that if you have apple care, problem solved, and apple could at least get refund from nvidia for the graphics chip. This small block Chevy in a lawn more is nuts! It doesn’t always help as there could be many different reasons for the problem but some have found the tip from a reader in August on warming up the MBP allowed it to boot.

There is no way of determining this from any logging info in the system, however, my hat’s off to the guy who figured this out, he must have psychic powers. I know a friend lino CA that went thru that with an iBook. He plugged in an ipod-looking device after I mentioned the nvidia graphics chip issue, then said my computer didn’t provide power to the device, so etherner test s link sl u45 usb to ethernet be performed and the logic board needed to be changed.

Everything seemed to work perfectly fine. Happy to find out that Apple extended the warranty to three years, I got an genius bar etherjet and headed to Apple Store to get the laptop fixed. But it’s just weird they did’nt even mentioned the GPU test, even though the service center claimed they have tested it. Thanks for your site!

He said for the graphics-working test, he couldn’t provide the report, however, for the logic board stuff, I could get it. I pressed the power button for several seconds, hoping I could boot it up after turning off.

We’ll have to see if we can get the “more than 4 year” repair that someone else got, since the 15″ 2. A week later I got my MBP back and it’s all s link sl u45 usb to ethernet now.

MacBook Pro (Nvidia M) GPU/Video Failures and Apple Repair Reports

However, in the reality usn should be money. Working yesterday, not working today. Parts for All Brands! I rebooted and it managed to start after a few attempts. My observations leading up to the failure: I am highly disappointed with the results. Anyhow from there I rang support Australia and ran though all the procedures with the support bloke over the phone.

The things that get me are – It failed to re-start after an OS upgrade. PS – To go further into the whole nVidia test: On question they can’t answer is if it is likely to happen again, e. Saved my S link sl u45 usb to ethernet bacon I then just pulled the drive and put in the original. What could different ASPs or test runs be doing differently that yields or fails to yield a validation or error code?

Genius 3 from Store 2 Genius Bar visit 3 was also working at Store 3 during my successful fourth try.

This file is needed by the Apple rep to get your laptop covered under the extended warranty replacement program assuming your factory warranty is expired. S link sl u45 usb to ethernet video or no video issues was revised again to increase the GPU related warranty extension to 4 years from date of purchase.

He mentioned that if it went to the “depot”, they’d probably reject it out of hand for a minor dent in the back. BUT, he said it was not the covered issue under the NVidia settlement. To my surprise, the man just answered that it simple observation.

July 13, — 4: I ended up just having it build a new backup from scratch which takes six hours. Apple better get this sorted, since they are going to be doing this a lot with the Nvidia chips. I guess time may tell–I hope that the graphics system holds together, but the extension of coverage is a pretty clear indication of ongoing problems with the GPU.

During the s link sl u45 usb to ethernet days, I did more research on it thanks to your siteand read the articles on the Inquirer as well. I took a few screen grabs to document what was happening. I’m assuming that they store all of that info in their database.

Really disapointed in Apple. So I went there right in the afternoon. So 7 days after dropping it off, I got back my machine and it now works fine. Apple exceeded my expectations.