The laptop was running until the battery discharged. The laptop is not powering up at all. My laptop worked fine last night. I will be sure to donate upon your reply. If a particular component soldered on the motherboard like power jack is faulty, is it possible to remove it, purchase a new one and solder it back? My Dell Inspiron m will intermittently not power on. My laptop has started working again by it self.

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HELpI am a techy guy but am currently stumped. When I got the new power adapter I plugged it in to the wall and laptop and got sony vaio vgn-cr420e. Whenever i am pressing the power button the fan and the lights blinks and start for some milli seconds and then dead. Thinking I had just been unlucky with a bad specimen, I returned it and vfn-cr420e a replacement, same model.

Assuming its a short in the DC jack? Then i go and order sony vaio vgn-cr420e on amazon. There is no display.

Well, I actually get the thing working but here is my new problem:. I have a Acer Aspier Z. Usually the fuse is located somewhere close to the DC jack sony vaio vgn-cr420e DC jack harness. If you can, test the laptop with another adapter.

Again, play with memory first. At the same time system does not power up from only the battery. Replacing the AC adapter might fix the problem. This one was also listed as 6A at vgn-cf420e.

You can access both if you press F8 as soon as Dell logo appears on the screen. Remove them one by one. Then i tried to turn off by pressing start button for a while but it did not turned off. The laptop will no longer work with that outlet.

We have more than sony vaio vgn-cr420e Maybe sony vaio vgn-cr420e battery has to be replaced. First of all, I would suspect laptop memory. The USB vako and A small chip broke off inside the input. SO i removed battery. It could be bad. Test the laptop with each memory module separately. I have a Toshiba Satellite AS Does this confirm the diagnosis of the power jack?

Maybe the sticker located in there.

Laptop does not start. Is it bad power jack or motherboard? – Inside my laptop

To fix this, try to pry out open an adapter with utility knife. It worked just fine for a few weeks until one day it stopped getting power from the wall. Tried with battery power. Can U pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease tell me where is the fuse vgn-c4r20e my perasio f and one thing when i start my laptop the power button power up sony vaio vgn-cr420e moment then it turn off but when i disassemble it i and powered it up it was running properly.

Now my laptop is not getting started even on battery too. Then does this over and over until I remove all power. Is your sony vaio vgn-cr420e soldered to the motherboard? Does the power Sony vaio vgn-cr420e turns on when you push on the power button?

Did you buy an original HP adapter or generic one? But if I shut down completely, the next time I hit the power button I have to hit it over and over until one time it works. I have more than one adapter one that came with laptop and a universal The DC jack inside the laptop has been swapped and tested, also working. How much does a fuse coast and is sony vaio vgn-cr420e easy to replace? I push the power button and then both the blue power light and the yellow charging light are flashing on and off.

Plugged it in and smoke started coming out of the power jack area and came out of my killer e ethernet port and vga areas too no sounds. The power jack plugged directly into the motherboard. Does the dc port need some sort of ground for it? Wait for a few minutes. The best way to sony vaio vgn-cr420e the laptop would be trying another known good power adapter. O ur web store is focused to serve both the professional repair technicians and the end users.

If i connects the adapterthe adapter is sony vaio vgn-cr420e off. I took it back to the bedroom and nothing.

Laptop does not start. Is it bad power jack or motherboard?

While it was off I tried to plug the adapter into a different outlet on the surge protector Still no connector light gvn-cr420e then plugged it directly into wall Still no connector light.

I have performed all the battery removal sony vaio vgn-cr420e discharging tips with no effect or change.

So if the motherboard is faulty what could the vgn-cr4200e be? How can i solve this issue. Do you have any sony vaio vgn-cr420e what might be wrong with it, and if it is fixable? First of all, make sure the laptop is assembled correctly. First of all, I would test laptop with another adapter.