It took me 20 minutes to figure it out my problem was I was snapping the parts in and then trying to put the key in place. Wait until the glue cures. I tried putting it back but I had a hard time, so I searched in the internet and found this website. Turns out I reassembled the key wrong!!! What is your laptop name and model number? Thanks for the info — it worked super. Thanks to your instructions and photo demonstrations, I was able to repair my keyboard back to new using just a pair or tweezers.

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Your instructions led me to remove a nearby key so that I was able to see how to reconnect the three pieces. Hey,I have a labtop that recently lost a key number seven toshiba a85-s107. I can get they key back on and use it, but it keeps popping off again. Its a very small black thing… looks like a crump. Now what toshiba a85-s107 I do??

Try lifting up one side of the key first. I pulled apart my comma key because a piece of food toshiba a85-s107 into the cracks…i cant get the damn key back on…it wont snap back in!! Is there a website with pictures that can guide me?

Amilo Fujitsu Esprimo: My cat sometimes rips a key off my laptop keyboard and, toshiba a85-s107 couple of times i managed to do it by tozhiba mostly by luck. My little naughty daughter took three key caps toshiba a85-s107. I panicked when my daughter pulled 9 keys off.

I do not understand how you attach the 2 parts of it together. I was sure toshiba a85-s107 this was going to be a big problem toshba your information toshiba a85-s107 saved me a lot of time and trouble. Separate the retainer from the key cap. My son broke off the U toshiba a85-s107 and retainer clip this morning…. Glad I found this site…it saved me a lot of agtgavation.

Toshiba Sound Card Drivers Download

Somehow my cat loosen 2 keys toshiba a85-s107 my laptop. Thanks again, I thought I would have to buy a new key!

Within two minutes of visiting this site it was tohiba easily toshuba Toshiba a85-s107. Thank you for this tutorial! This page was so helpful. I searched the responses on toshiba a85-s107 sight but could not see the response for fixing the shift key on a Lenovo laptop.

Also, the L toshiba a85-s107 was getting a bit dodgy so i took it off an removed some fluff. My buttons were same type as shown in your space bar toshiba a85-s107. I did the process and i have the key on its a5-s107 again… but is not working well, it feels stuck. The key came off with the balancers attached. I am soooo happy! Stupid cat jumped onto the keyboard and dislodged foshiba of the keys, it took me 10 minutes to figure out how to fix it!

Toshiba a85-s107 shift key came off of my laptop Thinkpad T23 and I cannot get it back in. My problem is while trying to put the spacebar back on before I found you the two of the plastic retainers broke. Thank you very much for your help.

The little brace piece isnt a full square, one wall isnt there supposed to be that way I dont see any way on here to toshiba a85-s107 it back on. Fortunately,snapping the two keys back into place was the simplest and quickest part of the process! If the search function, toshiiba the right, does not return any results please click HERE to contact toshiba a85-s107 via email with your make and model number.

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It was extremely helpful. Can you buy keys anywere? Measure the diameter of the AC adapter plug tip, 2. Any of the toshiba a85-s107 listed above may use a85-e107 toshiba a85-s107 pin sizes, please verify the size you need.