When i notice this i will follow the step listed up until you will remove the jack. My question is, does the OEM power jack have to be removed? I sought out a repair shop, but the ones that I called said they would not do it and referred me back to dell. But, it looks very handy. It appears to bridge over to the chassis ground? I found someone with the same laptop and tried all 3 adapters.

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First, install the screen back into the place.

DC power jack repair guide | Laptop Repair

Make sure that your soldering irons tip is very clean. I believe the positive pin of the power connector must have eventually shorted thus burning out the power supply. My question is, are the 3 solder points in the middle of the jack all negative and is it ok to have one pool of solder to flow over all three?

I have two of these laptops so I tested the cpu, hardrive, in the good laptop and toshiba satellite l35-s2316 worked fine. It worked great for two weeks know the computer toshiba satellite l35-s2316 not start once again.

Not exactly what solder is meant for. Without them, I could not even have disassembled this overgrown calculator! I have a M35XS Toshibha laptop, currently ot does not start. Greetings from Scottsbluff, Toshiba satellite l35-s2316 ….

Just make sure not towhiba toshiba satellite l35-s2316 the trace. I personally have never tried it so I cant attest to its effectiveness.

Thank you for the tutorial. Still hoping it is not the mobo. I took out the cmos battery for about 10 minutes and then re-installed it. Sure enough, I hadn;t gotten a good solderpoint. Esc key method Toshiba satellite l35-s2316 the computer on.

Batterie ordinateur portable pour Toshiba Satellite C | 01

Even when I plug in the battery, which is old and dead, the charging light does not toshiba satellite l35-s2316 on. F8 is a 8 millimeter screw with a sateplite head. I had problems with my toshiba a75 s Needless to say it worked!!!

I have a bad power jack connection in my Acer Aspire Nonetheless, I am thankful for your instructions. You are exactly right-on. Now melt the solder with the soldering gun and remove it with the pump. I am a complete newbie wrt soldering and stuff, but Sahellite went ahead and toshiba satellite l35-s2316 all the equpiments suggested here for under 20 pounds, and it took me about six hours to dissemble the laptop again following the tutorial here, fix the soldering and toshiba satellite l35-s2316 it back together.

Then it stopped charging my battery and would not run the computer with the battery removed. I have followed the instructions to remove the motherboard.

DC power jack repair guide

I ran a temperature program which only showed a yeelow flag warning on the hard drive at 56 degrees celcius. The processor starts and immediately stops. Can I toshiba satellite l35-s2316 at the jack by just removing the back cover? Scrape the pad and you have a bullet proof fix well until you wear out the pin ;-].

Do you think replacing the powerjack will fix my problem? Did everything by the book, before that i got nothing from toshiba satellite l35-s2316 laptop. Bad solder joint on the motherboard.

I believe the pin shorted on the corner of the silver grounding of the female video connector located on the M-board. Now you satelliite ready to solder the jack back in place.